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December 6, 2019
by louiserambaud

Term 4 Week 9

The students had a fantastic time at the JSC Disco this week. They played games, participated in an air guitar competition and showed off their amazing dance moves.

Students have been building their summarising skills this week in Reading and using a picture prompt to write a narrative about a mysterious door in Writing. They will be focusing on publishing this piece next week.

In Maths, we have been revisiting place value and applying these skills to a variety of fluency games. We will be looking at symmetry, tessellations and transformations (flip, slide, turn) in the coming weeks.


Thursday 13th December – 10am- Parent Helper morning tea

Friday 20th December – Last day of Term 4 – 1:30pm dismissal



November 29, 2019
by louiserambaud

Term 4 Week 8

Term 4 Week 9

This term in History, Year 2 have been discussing and exploring what life was like 100 years ago and how things have changed over time. During Year 2 sport, we have been learning about and playing games from the past and comparing how some games have changed and some have stayed the same over time. Some games that we have been investigating include hopscotch, skipping, hoops, elastics and tag games.  We have had a lot of fun playing these different games. You might like to play some of these games at home with your child!


Thursday 5th December – JSC Disco

Friday 6th December- Carols in Blacks Walk

Thursday 13th December – 10am- Parent Helper morning tea

Friday 20th December – Last day of Term 4 – 1:30pm dismissal

November 23, 2019
by debbieoates

Term 4 Week 7

This week is Science we have been learning that oil and water do not mix. They are hydrophobic! We conducted an experiment to show how food colouring mixes with water, while the oil floats on top of the water.

Here is the procedure so that you can do this at home.

What you need

  • 1  glass jar
  • drops of food colouring
  • warm water
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil

What you do

Fill the jar about 3/4 full with warm water.

In  bowl or dish, place three tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Carefully drop  food colouring into the oil.

Mix gently with a fork.

Carefully pour the oil and colour mixture into the warm water in your jar.

Watch  the coloured drops sink down into the water creating a firework effect.


November 23, 2019
by debbieoates

Term 4 Week 6

We have been learning about information reports. We have learnt how to set them out and the type of information to include. First we had to use resources in the classroom to find important facts. Then we wrote the key words onto a graphic organiser. We then wrote our information out neatly, using the key words and putting them into our own sentences. We have used subheadings to organise our information.

Below is an example of some of our work.  Enjoy reading.





November 7, 2019
by louiserambaud

Term 4 Week 5

This week, all students participated in the ‘Music: Count Us In Program’, in which students across the county come together to sing an original song. For more information about this, and to hear the song, please click on the link below.

2019 Program Song

We would greatly appreciate any tissue donations as most classes have no spare boxes. Thank you to those who have already sent in boxes of tissues this year.

Please remember to send back Disco permission slips and money, and indicate whether you would like your child to have an icy pole after the Disco.

Many thanks,

Year 2 Teachers

October 31, 2019
by debbieoates

Term 4 Week 4

This week we have been very busy in Year 2 writing information reports. The students have chosen an animal to research using graphic organisers to support them while researching. During reading we have been looking closely at the features of nonfiction texts and discussing how these features help us understand what we are reading. The students have transferred this knowledge across to their information reports in writing and are including many of these features in their published reports.

A reminder that next Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day where we all get a day to relax at home with our families.

Please remember with the hot weather we are now having the importance of all students bringing their hats and water bottles to school each day.

The Year 2 Team.

October 28, 2019
by louiserambaud

Term 4 Week 3

Year 2 have been learning about mixtures in science. We have discussed what a mixture is, what it might be used for and where you might find one. Mixtures can be wet, dry, foamy, smelly and may even be gooey too. We might use mixtures to eat, drink, to create smells, for cleaning, to build roads, etc. Mixtures can be found in many places around the home including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or garage. Week 4 homework will involve looking at different mixtures around the house, such as a cup of tea, and writing down the ingredients that make up the mixture. For example, in a cup of tea you would find tea leaves and hot water, and maybe sugar and milk.

Our Week 3 homework involved interviewing a family member or neighbour about their memories of family, school and home life. We will be using this information in our History unit about how life has changed over the last 100 years.


Tuesday 5th Melbourne Cup Day – no school

Please remember to label all hats and jumpers

October 10, 2019
by louiserambaud

Week 1 Term 4

Welcome to Term 4! 

We trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday. It has been lovely to see students settle so well this week. This week, we have been revisiting our Learning the Learn program, in particular, our school values of Respect, Integrity, Resilience, and Curiosity and how they relate to our key learning areas (subjects).

Next week we will be visiting Mont de Lancey as part of our History unit, “How has life changed for a child over the last 100 years?’ Please make sure you read the note that was sent home earlier this week with important information about the excursion. 2P and 2L will attend on Wednesday 16th and 2O and 2R will go on Friday 18th October. If possible, we would like students to come dressed in olden day clothing. All students need to bring their snack, lunch and drink bottle in a small backpack on the day, along with a plain red or green apple (not cut or peeled). Students need to be at school by 8:45am on the day of their excursion. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions.

Other items

  • For any parents who may work for Telstra, please see the attached letter Telstra Kids Grant
  • Hats must be worn from now until the end of term- please make sure these are named
  • Specialist timetable Term 4-
    • 2L has Art and Library on Tuesday, PE and Spanish on Thursday
    • 2P has Library and Spanish on Tuesday, PE on Thursday and Art on Friday
    • 2O has Spanish and PE on Tuesday, Library and Art on Thursday
    • 2R has PE and Art on Tuesday, Library on Thursday and Spanish on Friday


September 17, 2019
by debbieoates

Week 9 and 10 Term 3

Welcome to the end of Term 3 and what a busy term it has been. Once again we would like to thank  all parents who helped out with swimming.

This term we have been learning how to code. We have used Lightbot, Scratch, BeeBots and Hour of Code to name a few programs. We have been learning how to:

write a set of directions using directional language

follow instructions to get from one place to another

represent a sequence of steps to get from one place to another

create a symbol to represent each step in my sequence

design a map with obstacles using grid paper

write a set of instructions using symbols

learning to code using digital technology

 follow a set of digital instructions.



Don’t forget Footy day is this Thursday 19th September. Wear your team colours with pride!

Early dismissal Friday 2.30pm.

We encourage you to continue reading over the holidays.

Year 2 teachers.



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