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Week 8 – Term 3


This week we have had our second week at Swimming! The students work so hard every day and are having a lot of fun! During swimming we have done a lot of fun learning as well.

This week we have started working on our BIG inquiry project! The students choose an Australian animal and will have to research and present their findings with an information report, a diorama and a poster (finally get to use all those boxes we have in the middle of our classrooms!!) . This week the children have started their research phase where they are using books and computers to find the information.

In Maths we have been looking at formal units of measurements and how we can measure things using millimetres, centimetres and metres. Take a look at some students in Year 2 finding things around the classroom to measure using cm and metres.

Many thanks,

Year 2 Team



  • Schwerkolt cottage notice
  • Footy lunch
  • Please collect any bottle caps or plastic items that can be used as wheels for our Term 4 inquiry topic on ‘Motion’

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