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Week 1 – Term 4


For homework this week students were required to play a game, recognising how their feelings can change, accepting that losing is part of playing a game and the importance of responding to situations appropriately.

Playing games teaches things like sharing, being part of a team, taking turns, being patient, encouraging others, being a ‘good sport’, and communicating effectively. Understanding the rules of the game and respecting boundaries often form a large part of games. Game play can help children to learn how to interact with people of all ages in an appropriate manner and they can get to learn about themselves at the same time.

When people play games, they’re often emotionally invested. A range of feelings can arise from excitement to frustration, enjoyment, jealousy and maybe even sadness. Games can help provide a teaching point for feelings and can help children develop the ability to bounce back from some difficulties. When families play games with one another, children can learn important emotion regulation skills too, as they learn to understand when and where to express their feelings, with the support of parents to scaffold their experience.

The games don’t need to take hours and they don’t need to involve the latest and fanciest equipment. Just a quick round of charades, or Connect Four can have benefits for the whole family. It’s a win-win!

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Year 2 Team



  • Just a reminder about our excursion to Schwerkolt Cottage next week. We encourage all children to dress as they would have in the past when attending school.
  • Could all families try and collect plastic bottle caps/lids – these will help us with our Science ‘motion’ inquiry topic coming up in the last half of term

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