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Week 5 – Term 4


Term 4 Week 5

What a fantastic time we had at the Hands on Science Incursion!

We learnt how different things float or sink in water depending on their weight and how much air they contain.

We made plasticine float by changing its shape.

We learnt how the Egyptians moved heavy objects by using rollers and tried it ourselves.

We had fun using wind power to move paper cars across the table. Some cars had wheels and an axle while the other one had a marble.

We also learnt when blowing wheels and axles across a table that if the wheels are the same size it will travel in a straight line but if the wheels are different in size it travels in a circle.

We made air powered rockets and tried to hit a target. They were lots of fun but we didn’t hit the target very often.




We are really looking forward to making our cars later in the term.


Thanks for all the bottle tops that we have received. Please keep sending them in.


Many thanks,

Year 2 Team

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