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Week 7 – Term 4


With our current inquiry topic, ‘Motion’, the Year 2s have been experimenting with how things move. We have made paper helicopters and planes and even tried to test the friction and differences in surfaces. We experimented with our shoes, an elastic band and trying to drag them along different types of surfaces.

Once again, this week in Maths we have been busy working on MONEY and TRANSFORMATION!

  • We have focused on adding different Australian coins and finding the amount of change required.
  • We have also worked on TRANSFORMATION of shapes; flip, slide and turn. This can be a tricky concept, but we have liked the Year 2s persistence and creativity. Have a look at some of our creations below

In Writing, the Year 2s have been working on discussion pieces of writing. In this style of writing, we need to express both points of view then give our opinion at the end. One topic we worked on was, ‘Should the Canteen Be Open Every Day’. We saw some great reasons for and against.

Many Thanks,

Year 2 Team



  • Bring in more bottle caps and recyclable items to build cars
  • Continue reading at home – we will be asking for all books to be returned as to run a stocktake and organise them for 2018 soon
  • JSC disco forms and money are due soon
  • Year 2 Christmas/Class Parties for Year 2 will be on Tuesday 19th December – more details to come

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