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Week 8 – Term 4


Year 2s have been really excited about designing and building their cars from recycled materials. This is part of our inquiry unit ‘Motion – Push & Pull’

  • Step one was to work out what we wanted our car to look like.
  • Step two was to draw it, using labels to clearly indicate what materials it would be made from.

We could choose from straws, skewers, bottle tops, plastic containers, small boxes and cardboard.

  • Step three was to collect some materials and start building.

We also used a design brief to make sure we were sticking to a plan!!

So far we have made a prototype and need to test it out on a ramp because the purpose of the task is to make our car run down an inclined surface without being pushed!

Can we do it? – Stay tuned for the next blog post to find out if we were successful or not!!!!

We will be having a Year 2 collective drive off in week 11 to find out whose car can travel the furthest within the Year 2!

What? That sounds like great fun…stay tuned!

As the term comes to an end, students will  need to return any take home books by the end of Week 8 which is this Friday, December 1st. We would appreciate it if all books could be returned by this date to enable a stocktake of the current materials.

During week 9 & 10, we require a team of helpers (parents, grandparents, former students) to assist us with the stock-take. If you have some free time from Monday December 4th –  Friday December 15th (whether it be an hour, morning or afternoon session) we would appreciate your assistance. Please come and see you child’s class teacher during your available time that week to be informed of the particular help and assistance we require. Remember many hands make light work!

Many Thanks,

Year 2 Team

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