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Week 9 – Term 4


This week in Year 2 has seen us do many wonderful things!

In Inquiry we have continued to investigate our ‘Push and Pull’ inquiry topic. While finishing off our cars, we have begun exploring other sorts of motion such as using air as a force. We made balloon rockets that helped us investigate how much thrust is required to make certain objects move quicker/slower.

In Writing we have been looking at discussions writing. We had the opportunity to debate different topics and present our debates to the class.

As it comes closer towards the end of the year, we have begun to explore with the children different mindsets and how to show persistence when challenged. It has been a great learning experience for everyone!


  • Book boxes for next year will be picked up next week during class time for those who have already paid
  • Year 2 Christmas party will be on Tuesday the 19th December – more details to come

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