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Term 3 Week 7


On Tuesday this week, the Year 2 students attended the Science Discovery Dome Incursion. This incursion supported our Inquiry topic for this term, where we have been learning about changes that occur on Earth and how they affect us. Once students entered the portable planetarium, they were fascinated by the digital projections and movies that covered the topics of:

  • night and day
  • weather
  • water cycle
  • seasons

During reflections in our classroom, it was evident to see how much the students learned during this incursion.

Swimming has arrived!
We find that during the swimming program, the children have an increased appetite and often require an extra snack. It is also of benefit if the children bring more layers such as a beanie and scarf.
Each child will need to have a swimming bag so that all clothing can be taken to the poolside during lessons.
Please make sure that students have their swimmers on under their school uniform as this saves time when we arrive at the pool. Make sure that they have a towel, underwear, googles, swimming cap, scarf, beanie and a plastic bag, for their wet swimmers and towel, in their swimming bags.
This is a great opportunity to talk about responsibility and looking after our belongings.
Unfortunately we are only able to towel dry the students hair so a named swimming cap is a good idea.

Thanks to the many parents who volunteered to help. You should have received a note with the time and date we would appreciate your assistance either on the bus and pool or just at the pool. We really appreciate your support with this program.

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