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Term 3 Week 8


Term 3 Week 8

The students have been enjoying their swimming lessons, with many new skills learnt. The focus on Wednesday was water safety and everyone listened intently as the instructors talked about how to be safe around all types of places where water is located, in both the home and community. They participated in a water safety challenge and found jumping into the pool with clothes entertaining!
Some thoughts from the students.
It feels colder when you swim with your clothes on. We had to do this because if you fall into some water accidently you would have clothes on. I found it harder to swim without my googles. I only just got to the other side. It is hard to know when to stop when you are swimming on your back.
I learnt how to rescue people with a noodle or a rope.
It’s good for people to learn how to swim because it is a life skill.
It’s good to learn to swim and everyone should learn to swim. I learnt how to do freestyle.
I learnt you don’t ever walk close to the pool because you could slip in. Doggy paddle uses more energy than freestyle or backstroke. The water only needs to be deep enough to cover your mouth and nose for you to drown.
I think you learn a lot in just two weeks. I learnt how to do backstroke and torpedo. In freestyle. I learnt to breathe every third stroke. I learnt soldier kick because its good to know if you fall in the water, you go on your back and do soldier kick until you get back to shore.

As the weather is getting warmer, hats must now be worn when students are outside. This includes recess, lunch and PE sessions.


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