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Term 3 Week 9


With school swimming over for another year, we have settled back into our normal class routines for an action packed week.

This week for writing we have continued to focus on explanations. Students are now selecting their own topics to write about. We have also looked at procedures through our inquiry unit as we have been conducting some water experiments.

On Thursday we had our STOMP dance incursion where we got to learn many interesting dance moves! It was great fun as all the Year 2s got to experience this together.

Next Monday the Year 2 teachers have planning, so students will have specialist from 9:00am until 12:00pm.

2O- PE, Music, Library

2R – Art, PE, classroom

2L – Music, Library, PE

2A – Spanish, Art, Music

2J – Library, Spanish, Art

Footy Day next Thursday – Dress up in your team colours
Friday – Early dismissal 2:30pm

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