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Term 3 Week 10


A very big and sincere thank you to all our wonderful parents who assisted with our swimming program this term as well as those who helped to supply the footy orders for our lunch on Thursday’s Footy Day. We wish you all a very happy and relaxing holiday break.

Term 4

Rod Vance will be presenting to all the Year 2s in the afternoon of Thursday 18th October. His presentation will be about the Apollo missions. He has a documentary that features interviews with the astronauts. He will also get the children to imagine:
1. How it might be and feel to be one of the astronauts;
2. How they would feel if their own father or mother were one of the astronauts (He has a poignant video of the children of William Anders playing in their garden on the day after Anders had left the Earth);
3. To imagine the scale of the rocket
4. Some of the biggest unexpected problems the astronauts came across.

On Monday 22nd October the Year 2s will be heading to Edendale Farm to support our unit on Sustainability.
The permission and payment forms will be sent home on the first day of Term 4 and will be due back by Wednesday 17th October.

Happy Holidays
Year 2 teachers.

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