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Term 4 Week 2



Year 2 students are currently working on measuring mass. We are learning to make estimates of mass and are using balance scales to measure accurately. We know that some units used to measure mass are grams (g) and kilograms (kg).

Parents can help in this learning by encouraging children to help with cooking at home. Measuring ingredients involved in cooking or baking can provide students with real-life contexts for measuring mass. Whilst at the shop, you can show your children where mass is located on packaging and/or explain that prices of items are often determined by their mass i.e. bananas $4.90 per kilogram.


  • Excursion to Edendale Farm, Monday 22nd October

Students need to wear school uniform, hat and sturdy shoes. As it will be a hot day, please apply sunscreen before school. Bring snack, lunch and a drink bottle in a small backpack, ideally rubbish free as no rubbish can be left at the farm. Please arrive at school before 9.00am as we will be leaving promptly.

  • Hats need to be worn this term- please name hats and ensure students have these in their bags
  • No school Tuesday 6th November due to Melbourne Cup

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