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December 6, 2018
by debbieoates

Term 4 Week 9

Busy end to the Year!
Wednesday 12th.
Year 2 Story Dogs Fundraiser
The Year 2 students are invited to participate in a fundraiser for the magnificent foundation known as Story Dogs. Each week, Marg and her beautiful dog Voss, come along to read with some of the Year 2 students. As a Year level, we wish to support this great cause that supports children with reading.
The Year 2 students will be watching a G rated movie on Wednesday afternoon on the 12th December and can bring a special soft toy. If you would like to donate to this foundation the students can bring in a GOLD coin donation, with all money raised going to support the training of the volunteers and the dogs.
Visit the website for more details http://storydogs.org.au/
Date: Wednesday 12th December 2018 Time: 1.50pm Staff community centre.
What to bring:
optional gold coin donation, soft toy.

Tuesday 18th December
On Tuesday 18th December, Year 2 will be having a picnic to celebrate the end of year. We would like your child to bring picnic food for their lunch on that day.
As there are children with allergies, we ask that you provide food for your child only.

To end our unit on Sustainability, we are busy making packages from recycled paper. Look at all the fun we have been having. It wasn’t as easy as we thought.

Thank you
Year 2 teachers.

December 3, 2018
by debbieoates

Term 4 Week 8

With the disco this Thursday, beginning at 3.15pm, we are encouraging the students to come to school dressed in their disco gear, ready to break out some funky dance moves.

As part of our inquiry into sustainability we are creating our own packages this week using paper mache. Students will need to bring a container form home to use as a mould for this activity. Could you please send any containers to school ASAP. The containers might be yoghurt containers, cans, small cardboard boxes, margarine tubs, etc.
Thank you in advance,
Year 2 teachers.

November 28, 2018
by louiserambaud

Term 4, Week 8

Blog – Week 8

In Mathematics, Year 2 have been working hard to learn more about the concept and measurement of time. You can help your child to embed these skills by discussing time regularly at home and providing further contexts to measure time. Some examples of areas we have covered are:

  • Calculating duration i.e. how many minutes have passed between 5:15pm and 6:00pm
  • Reading time using analogue and digital clocks
  • Using language of half past, quarter past and quarter to
  • Reading calendars
  • Ordering the months of the year
  • Finding how many days are in each month

Here are some of the student’s self-reflections on their knowledge of time so far:


JSC School Disco Thursday 6th December- please send money and permission slips to school

November 27, 2018
by debbieoates

Term 4 Weeks 6 and 7

The Year 2s have been learning to write reviews, discussions and have had time to do some free choice writing. Here are some of our pieces. We hope you enjoy reading them.
A description by Zoe.
I heard a pitter patter on the window and then it got louder and stronger. I suddenly heard booming thunder and saw lightning striking down. The lights turned ON, OFF, ON, OFF. Suddenly the power went out. I hid under my blankets. My heart was beating as fast as a cheetah. I gripped onto my teddy bear. I was squeezing him so tight, he almost broke. I kept saying to myself “It’s ok! It’s ok!” But every second I got more scared.

A review by Harriet.
Fireflies is a fiction picture story book written and illustrated by Julie Brinckloe. This book is different to other books that I’ve read because the illustrations were grey and interesting. People all around the world can read and enjoy this book. This is a great book and everyone should read it.
This book is a book about a boy who is scared to go outside until he saw some fireflies. He was excited. Mum wants the boy to finish his dinner so he did. He ran downstairs and grabbed a jar, he ran outside and slammed the door behind him. The boy caught hundreds.
Later that night, the boy kept the jar on his bedside table. The fireflies were starting to die. What will happen next? Read Fireflies to find out!
I really enjoyed Fireflies because I think the illustrations are fascinating because the people are grey and the fireflies are really bright yellow. I like this book because it had a good and happy ending. I think the book Fireflies is a great book and Julie Brinckloe is a very good author.
I recommend this book to people who like insects and the author Julie Brinckloe. I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

A review by Lucy.
Hey guess what I just discovered? A new company named Mazie. They made a new toy!
I tried it out a few minutes ago and it was a bubbly, sparkly and rainbow toy. I rolled it along my arm. It tickled me.
I liked it because it shimmered and tickled me. It was better than a thousand fireflies in the sky shimmering. It was incredible.
I think any people will like it because it’s tickly and shimmers.

Is the beach the best place for a holiday?
A discussion by Alice.
The beach is a popular place for a summer holiday. Anyone can go to the beach for a holiday. People surf, play in the water, build sandcastles, lie on a towel or read a book. It is the preferred destination for many people but others disagree.
Divisha thinks that the beach is the best place for a holiday because you can swim, splash and play in the sand. Salt water is good for healing any stings or bites. It stings but it works! You can build sandcastles and it is a great place to catch up with other people.
On the other hand Lisa thinks that the beach is not the best place to go for a holiday because you can only go there when it is warm and you can go to other places any time of the year, in any weather. When it is cold and windy the sand hits against your legs and it really hurts and when it is cold the water is freezing.
I know the beach is a great place for a summer holiday but I think that there are many other places you can go around the world and meet new people and catch up with friends and family in other places.
The Witches
A review by Owen.
The Witches is an intense and frightening story that is written by the well know author Roald Dahl.
The Witches is a story about a boy who encounters some Witches and the lead Witch turns him into a mouse. In his mouse form he tries to steal the formula.
My favourite part was when the mouse was sent down in a sock. The thing I did not like was that it was very, very creepy and the lead Witch was scary. Road Dahl uses very interesting words in this book and it makes you want to read the book more.
I recommend this book to 10 year olds and up. I give it 2½ stars out of 5.
Elephants make good pets.
A discussion by Jayden.
Elephants are wild animals. They are really big. Some people believe they will make good pets, other people think it is not a good idea.
Some people believe having elephants is a good idea because you can get a ride to school. You can even have a water fight. You will definitely win.
Other people think it is not a good idea because it takes a long time to wash and break everything. Where will it sleep?
Elephants are a lot of work. Therefore I think that elephants are not suited as good pets.

November 8, 2018
by louiserambaud

Term 4 Week 5

Term 4 Week 5

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Melbourne Cup holiday.

The students have been thinking about the effects drought has on farmers the availability of food. As part of the JSC’s ‘Do it for Farmers’ fundraiser, everyone has been learning how to do the heel and toe polka dance. This is a tradition Australian bush dance. The whole school will perform this dance Friday afternoon, before assembly.

We are continuing with our Inquiry unit about sustainability, with a focus on food production and packaging. The  students have been looking how different foods are packaged and why, and in the coming weeks, will be designing their own packaging. They will be encouraged to consider the sustainability aspects of food packaging and to design items that can be recycled.

Upcoming Dates

JSC School Disco Thursday 6th December- please send money and permission slips to school

November 2, 2018
by debbieoates


Term 4 Week 5

Tuesday 6th
Public holiday. No school.

Friday November 9th.
After many requests JSC are holding a ‘Do it for a Farmer’ day.
Don’t forget to come to school dressed as something to do with the farm & bringing a gold coin donation.

November 1, 2018
by debbieoates

Term 4 Week 4

For the past few weeks we have been learning about fractions, fractions of shapes and then fractions of a group. We had to design flags that showed fractions. Here are some of our great designs.

October 22, 2018
by meaganr

G.A.T.E.WAYS Festival

Dear Parents/Carers

For your information:

G.A.T.E.WAYS December ‘Festivals of Workshops’ for Prep to Year 6 students

G.A.T.E.WAYS are very excited to inform you of details of their end of year Festival extravaganzas!  They have been running Festivals for many years now and they are a lovely way to finish our year.

The Year 1- 6 Festival will be hosted by Firbank Grammar School in Brighton on Thursday, 13 December and Friday,14 December from 9.30 – 3.15.

This is a PARENT ENROLLED program.





October 19, 2018
by louiserambaud

Term 4 Week 2


Year 2 students are currently working on measuring mass. We are learning to make estimates of mass and are using balance scales to measure accurately. We know that some units used to measure mass are grams (g) and kilograms (kg).

Parents can help in this learning by encouraging children to help with cooking at home. Measuring ingredients involved in cooking or baking can provide students with real-life contexts for measuring mass. Whilst at the shop, you can show your children where mass is located on packaging and/or explain that prices of items are often determined by their mass i.e. bananas $4.90 per kilogram.


  • Excursion to Edendale Farm, Monday 22nd October

Students need to wear school uniform, hat and sturdy shoes. As it will be a hot day, please apply sunscreen before school. Bring snack, lunch and a drink bottle in a small backpack, ideally rubbish free as no rubbish can be left at the farm. Please arrive at school before 9.00am as we will be leaving promptly.

  • Hats need to be worn this term- please name hats and ensure students have these in their bags
  • No school Tuesday 6th November due to Melbourne Cup

October 11, 2018
by meaganr

Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back to Term 4. We have a fun and educational packed term for the students.

We are looking forward to our excursion to Edendale Farm on the 22nd of October. Please note the return due date for notices and payment is the 17th of October.

In week 2, Rod Vance one of our Grade 2 parents is presenting on the Apollo Space Mission, due to it being the 50 year anniversary. Please see your classroom teacher for more information if you wish.

In Inquiry this term we will be delving into where our food comes from and discussing that meat comes from animals. In the past this is sometimes a shock for students, so a few discussions around the dinner table about what goes into your delicious family meal may be important in the coming weeks.


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