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Term 4- Week 3






  1. Hi Mrs Saunders,

    After our chat Friday afternoon I have dragged out my old lap top for Angus to use.
    Can you please tell me what programs and versions you use so I can have an exact match.


  2. Hi There,

    I am exited about going to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is my home country. When I am at Bangladesh I am going to watch a lot of Doraemon movies in Bangla.


  3. haha… Mr Fittolani the ‘paint your world’ with words video is so cool. We missed you at our break up party.
    From CT

  4. Market Day
    On market day I had a great time. I got an ice-cream, sherbert with lollies, sugar straws and I did sponge the teacher. I had $10 and only spent $5.

    From TD

  5. On market day there were lots of fun shops like sponge the teacher, throw the aeroplane the furthest, raffles and electronics. I enjoyed it.

  6. On Tuesday grade 2 went to market week. Guess what I got a stress ball, cupcake, sherbet and I did sponge the teacher. Last year my brother called William did coin toss. What you do in coin toss is throw a coin (you don’t use your coin) and their are chocolates on a wire if you get the coin on a chocolate you get the chocolate! My brother won! I went to the market day when my brother was there he was good except he didn’t get anything from one of things. When we were at home he had a lot of stuff.

  7. Sadly I did not go to the training band but I think there would of been a lot of people there. There are two reasons why I didn’t come because 1 I forgot what day you were meant to go 2 I would have to quit playing the guitar but I think they could improve the training band by putting guitars as an option to play in the training band.

  8. Schwerkolt Cottage was good fun. I liked the dressing up as olden day people. My favourite part was the games.

  9. Schwerkolt cottage was awesome!! My favourite activity was the games. I also liked the cottage. I liked dressing up too.

  10. Market week was great! I got a slushy. I had a great time! Well done grade 6s!

  11. I loved the hip hop.I want to do it again.It made me HAPPY.It gave me lots of energy!!!!!!

  12. I really liked the shwercholt cottage.My favorite part was the cottage.

  13. when we went to scherkolt cottage every enjoyed them selves i had a great time. i think everyone learnt something i learnt heaps

  14. when we went to schwerkolt cottage i really enjoyed my self. i hope lots of people learnt lots of information. Everyone enjoyed them selves. It was a great trip

  15. The excursion was amazing my favorite was the Museum

  16. It was a very fun excursion. I enjoyed looking in the cottage and learning facts about the past.

  17. The excursion to Scherwoldt Cottage was amazing. I really enjoyed the nature walk and the cottage tour. I learnt loads about the olden days and what it like to live long ago.

  18. I really liked it. It rocked.

  19. I think Shwercholt was a great place to go for an excursion, My Favourite part was the museum :).

  20. Schwerkolt Cottage was the best olden place I have ever been to.The games that we played were old fashioned and fun. The walk was good as well. There was a museum as well as the cottage that we saw first.

  21. Schwerkolt Cottage was interesting because it looked very peaceful. I like the nature walk and the museum, but I like the cottage the best because I’ve never seen an olden days cottage before.

  22. I’m looking forward to going away in caravan with my family to Torquay, should be lots of fun at the beach . K.M.L

  23. The excursion at Swerkolt cottage was very fun. Thanks for coming over on our excursion Mr Fittolani and all of the parents.

  24. I thought Schwerkolt Cottage was great because it was fun playing the olden day games such as coits and hula hooping. It was also good that my mum came along.

  25. I like laburnum primary school in everything

  26. I really liked Schwerkolt Cottage because there was some interesting information about wedding dresses and games in 1892. The houses were also different because they were made out of stone, not brick.

    Dad wants me to say something about cyber safety. Before you talk to someone online, ask an adult about who you are talking to.

  27. I think schwerkolt cottage was fun with groups especially the museum

  28. Schwerkolt cottage had a lot of wildlife.I liked the nature walk.I learned that back in the olden days, people had to wash their clothes in a bucket.

  29. I really liked Schwerkolt cottage. My favourite parts of the excersion were playing the games and looking inside the museum.

  30. Schwerkolt Cottage was a fascinating place to go for an excursion because we learnt about the past, which was our class focus.

  31. Schwerkolt Cottage excursion was fun and exciting! We learnt about the olden days and what they did. The excursion helped us find out about the Schwerkolt Family, what they did to amuse or entatain themselves.

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