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July 19, 2018
by meaganr

Term 3 Week 1

The Year 2 students have had an excellent start to term 3, returning from the holidays settled and ready to learn. We have also welcomed some new students and teachers to Year 2.

This week we have re-established our Reading expectations, revisited how to choose ‘just right’ books and continued to build on our reading stamina. In Writing, we have started learning about poetry. The students have written some wonderful and very creative poems using the 5 senses and alliteration.

In Maths, the children have been developing efficient ways of counting large collections of items. Below are some photos of students hard at work counting.



Please return the following notices and payments

  • Swimming
  • Professor Maths Incursion
  • Science Incursion (Due 3rd August)

Thanks, Year 2 Teachers


June 22, 2018
by louiserambaud

Term 2, Week 10

This week Year 2 students have very busy putting together their inquiry posters about a country of their choice, and an animal you would find in that country. The posters contain information students have researched, diagrams they have drawn and pictures they have found. There have been many fascinating facts discovered by all!

On Wednesday, students will be making a diorama of the habitat their chosen animal may live in. This, along with the two posters, will be presented to parents during an expo on  Thursday 28th at 2.30-3.15pm in the Year 2 classrooms. Everyone is looking forward to sharing their amazing efforts and research with you.


Swimming notices were sent out this week. Please read these carefully and note the deposit is due to the office by Friday 29th July. 

Please send in any small boxes that students could use for their dioramas

Early finish  Friday 29th July- 2.30pm


June 15, 2018
by debbieoates

Week 9 Term 2

Week 9 –
This week the Year 2 students have been working hard on their narrative writing. They are making sure to create a story with a sizzling start, problem and a solution.

-Pyjama Day is on the 22nd June, so please bring a gold coin donation and wear your comfy pyjamas!
– Please continue to bring in a cardboard box for students to create their dioramas in week 11.
– Our Mini Expo is Thursday 28th June, 230-3:15pm. We would love for parents to come and see our great work!

Thank you,
Year 2 Team

June 8, 2018
by debbieoates

Term 2 Week 8

This week in Maths we have been discovering the different ways to represent multiplication. We have used repeated addition, the number line, groups of and arrays. Here are some examples of our work. We would love you to help us recognise multiplication patterns around the home and in our local area.

We have also started our inquiry and will need to have more small boxes for our dioramas. Shoe boxes are a really good size or boxes that a little bit bigger. As we will have 23/24 boxes in the class room, any bigger boxes are not suitable for this activity.
Thank you in advance.
There will be a mini expo on Thursday 28th June. If you would like to come and see our work, please drop in between 2.30 and 3.15pm.

May 31, 2018
by meaganr

Term 2 Week 7

Throughout the term in our Biological Science unit, the students have been learning about how animals are classified according to their physical features, and the adaptations they have to help them survive in the wild. This week in Year 2 we had our Feathers, Fur and Scales incursion. During this incursion, students had the opportunity to get up close to a mammal, a bird, and a number of reptiles (we had a lot of excited students…and teachers) . They all had a chance to touch the animals and to hold and have a photo with an animal of their choice. The students learned lots of interesting facts about the animals and how they survive in their natural habitats.

Here are some photos of the students enjoying the incursion.


  • Please send along any boxes, cardboard tubes or disposable plastic containers for an upcoming project.
  • It’s the cold and flu time of the year! We would really appreciate any donations of tissues for our classrooms.
  • We are also running low on gluesticks. If you are able to send a gluestick along with your child’s name on it for them to use, we would really appreciate this to get us through next semester.

Many thanks, Year 2 Teachers




May 24, 2018
by meaganr

Term 2 Week 6

A huge thank you to all of the parents and students who attended our ‘Open Night’ for Education Week on Monday. We had a great turnout in all of our classrooms. We hope you enjoyed the night and were proud of all of the hard work the students have been putting in during the first semester. They were very excited to share their work with you, in particular their information reports where they conducted their own research!


Many thanks

Year 2 teachers.



  • Term 2 excursion/incursion levy payments due
  • Reptile Incursion permission slips due back to teachers
  • Please send alone any boxes, cardboard tubes or disposable plastic containers for an upcoming project

May 17, 2018
by louiserambaud

Term 2 Week 6

The 4Rs

Year 2 students have started learning about emotional literacy as part of the 4Rs program (Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships), which we have adopted as a whole school approach to Wellbeing.  Throughout the year, we will be covering many aspects of this program through various activities, such as ‘circles’. Circles are times the whole class sits in a circle, where everyone can see each other and turns are taken to share and contribute in a supportive and respectful manner.

Emotional literacy encourages students to identify different emotions, talk about their feelings and how different situations or experiences make them feel, and provide them with tools manage their emotions. We look forward to sharing more about this program over the course of the year.


  • Science Club for Year 2 students Tuesday at 8.15am- please drop them at the Science Room
  • Return Reptile Incursion permission slips
  • Open Night 7.00-8.00pm Monday night- we look forward to seeing everyone

May 11, 2018
by louiserambaud

Term 2 Week 4


This week during our  writing time, we have continued to focus on information reports. The students have been searching for information about an animal of their choice, making sure they have plenty of interesting facts to engage the reader and teach them about their animal. We are also focusing on the structure of our information texts and making sure our sub-headings reflect the information written.

Student Free Day Monday 
A gentle reminder that this Monday 14th May is a Student Free Day. Enjoy your day off and see you back at school on Tuesday!

Happy Mother’s Day
We wish all our wonderful Mums a fantastic Mother’s Day.


Open Night Monday 21st at 7.00pm

Tuesday 22nd May 8.15am- Science Club for Year 2 students


May 4, 2018
by debbieoates

Term 2 Week 3

Digital Technologies.

This week we have been asked who is smarter; a computer or a person? We have been talking about the role of a programmer, the language the programmer uses and the need for the instructions to be exact. We have used the terms code, sequence and programmer.
We were then given the task of telling a ‘robot’ how to move from one place to another place in the room. During this activity we realised that our instructions have to be exact.
The next activity we did was to create a map and write our own code to get our robots from one place to another. Here are some examples of our work.



Reminder that the Mother’s Day stall is next week and the roster is as follows.
11-35 TO 12-00 YEAR 2A
12-00 TO 12-25 YEAR 2J
12-25 TO 12-50 YEAR 2R
1-50 TO 2-15 YEAR 2O
2-15 TO 2-40 YEAR 2L

Year 2 teachers.

May 1, 2018
by louiserambaud

Morning Science Club

Morning Science Club is Back!

Our morning Science Club is starting up on Tuesday the 8th of May.

The Science Club begins at 8:15am and is located in the Science Room (opposite OSCH). You will need to sign your child in on arrival. The students will be participating in a science based activity lead by one of our school parents. Mrs Jan Trend will be overseeing the session. The students will be dismissed at 8:50am. A teacher will be on yard duty from 8:45am to supervise all students.

Year 2 students can attend on Tuesday 22nd May. We look forward to seeing students there.

Date Year Level
8th May 4
15th May 3
22nd May 2
29th May 1
5th June Prep


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